Notice: This is a static archive of the Mobile Processing website, as the project is no longer significantly active. All forms and the Discourse boards are no longer functional, and the mobile website at is no longer available. Please visit the Mobile Processing Google Group for any remaining discussions and the Processing website for the latest news about Processing.

  1. Windows: Install the latest version of Java on your computer.

    Choose Download Now to begin or Verify Installation to check if it is already installed on your computer.

  2. Download and install a Wireless Toolkit (WTK) for building mobile phone applications. Note the location of the installation.

    Windows: Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC

    Mac OS X: Mpowerplayer SDK
  3. Download and install the Mobile Processing IDE.

    0007  |  13 04 2008  Windows  |  Mac OS X

    Changes for the latest release as well as core and library API updates.

  4. Run Mobile Processing. Choose Preferences from the main drop-down menu. In the Preferences dialog box, go to the Mobile tab, and enter the location of the WTK.

  5. From the Help menu, choose Check for updates... to check for and automatically download the latest versions of the core API and libraries over the Internet. Current versions:

    0011  Core
    0013  Documentation
    0001  Phone
    0002  Xml
    0001  Messaging
    0007  Bluetooth
    0003  Video
    0001  Sound
    0003  Image2

    Previous IDE releases:

    0006 ALPHA  |  04 05 2007  Windows  |  Mac OS X
    0005 ALPHA  |  18 05 2006  Windows  |  Mac OS X
    0004 ALPHA  |  10 05 2006  Windows Standard or without Java  |  Mac OS X
    0003 ALPHA  |  29 01 2006  Windows Standard or without Java  |  Mac OS X
    0002 ALPHA  |  20 01 2006  Windows Standard or without Java  |  Mac OS X
    0001 ALPHA  |  08 11 2005  Windows Standard or without Java  |  Mac OS X