Notice: This is a static archive of the Mobile Processing website, as the project is no longer significantly active. All forms and the Discourse boards are no longer functional, and the mobile website at is no longer available. Please visit the Mobile Processing Google Group for any remaining discussions and the Processing website for the latest news about Processing.

What's Cooking?
by Valeria Donati, Maria Tasca and Valentina Venza

by Tim Stutts

Mobile Processing is an open source programming environment for people who want to design and prototype software for mobile phones. It is based on and shares the same design goals as the open source Processing project. Sketches programmed using Mobile Processing run on Java Powered mobile devices.

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28 Apr 2007
Mobile Processing Lecture at FLISOL2007 by Marlon J. Manrique.
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6 May 2007
Mobile Processing Workshop at Mobilized! NYC by Francis Li.
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